PC : Secure Boot missing from BIOS option on Gigabyte Z390 Designare

By | October 13, 2021

If you have a Gigabyte Z390 Designare motherboard, you might be wondering how to enable Secure Boot in order to meet the TPM2 Windows 11 requirement.

Browsed every section of the BIOS and didn’t found it? Most likely you have “CSM Support” option enabled. (Compatibility Support Module (CSM) is a feature of the UEFI firmware that provide legacy BIOS compatibility features).

By having this option enabled, Secure Boot option isn’t available. You basically need to disable CSM Support to get Secure Boot option.

If you have the latest BIOS version (F9J at the time this article is being written), just go to the “Boot” menu and scroll down until you see CSM Support and disable it.

You will then see Secure Boot appear a bit lower down in the option of the Boot menu.