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VMware : SNMP service continuously crashing

If you are suffering from continuous and/or intermittent SNMP service issues with the following behavior ; SNMP stop responding randomly (stop/start required every now and then) ; The following error is shown in the logs : Unknown: out of memory [2296311] Then you are most likely running vSphere ESXi v6.7 early version.  This is a… Read More »

Linux : Move from FleetSSL to AutoSSL on cPanel

In the early ages of free automated SSL certificates, FleetSSL cPanel Plugin (earlier known as Let’s Encrypt for cPanel) was the standard. cPanel then announced in 2016 that the official plugin was now AutoSSL, which is provided by cPanel. The move from FleetSSL to AutoSSL is quite simple : 1. Uninstall FleetSSL Let’s Encrypt :… Read More »

Linux : How to create a SAN SSL certificate request

This procedure will show you how to create Subject Alternate Name (SAN), or in other words, a certificate request with multiple Common Name (CN) DNS aliases. It order to do so, we need to create a CSR request template as shown below: 1. Create the certificate request template as followed: [req] distinguished_name = req_distinguished_name req_extensions… Read More »

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Linux : How to rename the network interface in CentOS/RHEL7

Since the latest major version release of CentOS/RHEL 7, it seem that we wen’t a bit crazy about the whole systemd thing… Seriously, having a network interface named “eno16780032” isn’t that great! Fortunately, there is a a way of getting back the old naming convention by following these steps : 1. Edit the Grub configuration… Read More »


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