Web : ownCloud 10.8.0 to 10.9.0 upgrade Repair warning: No marketplace connection: Forbidden

Upgrade from ownCloud 10.8.0 to 10.9.0 return the following error : Repair warning: No marketplace connection: Client error response [url] https://marketplace.owncloud.com/api/v1/platform/10.9.0/apps.json [status code] 403 [reason phrase] Forbidden This is a known behavior caused by missing ownCloud Marketplace API key. If no other error has been displayed following your upgrade process, simply do the following steps… Read More »

VMware : How to extend the 60 days evaluation trial

VMware vSphere products are available for free evaluation and come with a 60 days trial period, which should be enough for most but you may be caught at some point in a situation where you need to have a bit more time to try things out. Please note that this method isn’t approved or supported… Read More »

Linux : How to add new version of PHP on CloudLinux PHP Selector

Everyone used to cPanel is used to the traditional installation with EasyApache (ea-php). However, PHP Selector works differently and use “alt-php” packages. Here is how to add the missing/latest versions to PHP Selector : 1. Make sure you have a complete backup first (yes, I’ve stated the obvious!) ; 2. Login to your server using… Read More »

Web : Unable to upgrade from ownCloud 10.5.0 to 10.6.0 from APT repository

If your ownCloud installation was deployed using the APT repository, you most likely noticed that it no longer update to newer version using the traditional “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade” command after editing the repo version number. This is because ownCloud removed the “owncloud-files” from newer release which was replaced by “owncloud-complete-files”. To upgrade to… Read More »

Linux : ownCloud 10.8.0 Debian 10 repository is not signed

If you attempted to upgrade from ownCloud 10.7.0 to 10.8.0 using the APT repository, you most likely encountered a signature error as followed : Get:11 https://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/10.8.0/Debian_10 Release [964 B] Get:12 https://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/10.8.0/Debian_10 Release.gpg [481 B] Ign:12 https://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/10.8.0/Debian_10 Release.gpg Reading package lists… Done W: GPG error: https://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/10.8.0/Debian_10 Release: The following signatures were invalid: DDA2C105C4B73A6649AD2BBD47AE7F72479BC94B E: The repository… Read More »

VMware : VCSA Received unexpected end-of-file from SFTP server

Attempting to establish SFTP connection to VCSA appliance end up with error: Error: Received unexpected end-of-file from SFTP server Error: Could not connect to server This is a common issue caused by incorrect shell for root user. To fix this issue, simply change the shell for the root user with the following command:

SFTP… Read More »

Linux : Loading jnlp with IcedTea Java browser plugin hang at x%

When trying to load a java “jar” (.jnlp)  file from Java Web browser plugin hang at x% and never complete. This is a common issue and require clearing the IcedTea Web cache. 1. Clear your Web browser cache and close it ; 2. Clear the IcedTea cache using the following command :

Then open… Read More »