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VMware : How to increase disk space on VCSA appliance

The VMware vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) propose several disk sizing at the time of deployment. Eventually, disk shortage may occur, especially for the /var/log disk. This example assume you want to increase the default 10 Gb /var/log volume located on the virtual Hard Disk 5. 1. From the vCenter oe ESXi WebUI, edit the VCSA… Read More »

Linux : Morpheus Error executing action `create` on resource

Morpheus Cloud Management Platform 5.1.1 error out as followed when installing the Debian package :

As obviously stated in the message, the folder “/etc/sudoers.d” does not exist, so the installer error out and exit. The fix is as easy as creating the folder :

You may now install the package again and the… Read More »

VMware : How to extend the 60 days evaluation trial

VMware vSphere products are available for free evaluation and come with a 60 days trial period, which should be enough for most but you may be caught at some point in a situation where you need to have a bit more time to try things out. Please note that this method isn’t approved or supported… Read More »

VMware : VCSA Received unexpected end-of-file from SFTP server

Attempting to establish SFTP connection to VCSA appliance end up with error: Error: Received unexpected end-of-file from SFTP server Error: Could not connect to server This is a common issue caused by incorrect shell for root user. To fix this issue, simply change the shell for the root user with the following command:

SFTP… Read More »

VMware : How to remove invalid virtual machine from inventory

You may at some point end up with virtual machines marked with “Invalid” status in the vSphere Web client or vCenter. You will also notice that the contextual menu does not show up the usual options (mostly everything is greyed out) and more importantly, the “Unregister” or “Delete” options are unfortunately unavailable. Chill out, there… Read More »

VMware : VCSA upgrade vix error codes = (1, 4294967286)

You may have experienced the following behavior while trying to upgrade your vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) to 6.7.x – after submitting the IP and credentials information of the current vCenter and host, the wizard end up with error without any details. However, after downloading the log (there is a link within the red error bubble… Read More »

VMware : How to install VIB on ESXi host

Almost 10 years ago, VMware released “VMware Installation Bundle”, or commonly known as VIB, to make it easier for 3rd party and administrators to install software components to their flagship virtualization platform, vSphere ESXi. The process is quite straight forward and you usually can’t go wrong if you are installing the right VIB for the… Read More »

VMware : Configure SNMP daemon

You most likely have noticed that beside a service listed in the WebUI, there is nowhere to configure any options, and that attempting to start the service, it just won’t start. The service has to be configured with the community string in order to be started. The only way of configuring the service, is using… Read More »