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JunOS : Autorecovery information needs to be saved

If your Juniper device indicate an alarm status (red light shown on the unit), you can run the following command to find out the details :

And the following output is shown: 1 alarms currently active Alarm time Class Description 2021-10-19 03:06:00 UTC Minor Autorecovery information needs to be saved This mean that your… Read More »

JunOS : Interface irb.1 must be configured under interfaces

While adding a new security zone on your SRX firewall, you may encountered the following error while committing your changes: [edit security zones security-zone VLAN1] ‘interfaces irb.1’ Interface irb.1 must be configured under interfaces error: configuration check-out failed This is a common mistake where the irb interface configuration was forgotten. For those unfamiliar with the… Read More »

IOS : Factory reset a Cisco Catalyst switch

In this article we will cover the procedure to reset a Cisco Catalyst to factory default settings. This will wipe out the current configuration written in flash and also the VLan database file as well. 1. Connect the switch serial console port to a computer and open up a terminal so you can see the… Read More »

PanOS : Failed to load into software manager

The following error message may happen from time to time when attempting to load new software version in Palo Alto Firewall or Panorama : Successfully downloaded Preloading into software manager Error: Image File Authentication Error Failed to load into software manager. Please retry. Post processing failed. Please retry PanOS always do software image integrity check… Read More »

JunOS : fpc0 qsfp-0/0/0 failed to init hw

Encountering the following log event on your Juniper MX router? fpc0 qsfp-0/0/0 failed to init hw This could be caused by various factors, such as : Defective FPC Defective PIC Defective transceiver Incompatible transceiver* *I have observed this error on customer equipment when DAC cables were used. The Juniper MX series does not officially support… Read More »

Windows : How to configure VLans on Intel network adapter with PowerShell

If you have an Intel card and the necessary “Advanced Network Services (ANS)”, that is bundled with the Intel driver, you have the capability to manage VLans for your network interface with PowerShell. 1. Use the “ipconfig” command to find out the name of your adapter. Example :

In that case, our adapter name… Read More »

JunOS : Configuring DHCP forwarder on QFX serie

Here is how to configure DHCP relay on the QFX platform. 1. Define a DHCP server group with DHCP servers IP address(es) :

Example : If you want to name the group as “PRD-dhcpSrv” and the IP of the server is :

Note : You can add as many DHCP server as… Read More »