Comware : How to access the CLI of a particular unit member of a HPE switch stack

By | October 8, 2021

If you have a HPE Comware switch stack, you may at some point need to access the CLI of a particular unit member in the stack for troubleshooting purpose. When running a switch stack, when accessing the CLI, the commands will always perform actions on the unit running as “master”, so this easy tutorial will show you how to switch from the master to the desired unit.

1. Once logged into the switch stack CLI (hopefully with SSH), enter into the super mode using this command:


2. Enter into the configuration mode:


3. Then use the following command to switch to the desired unit (this example will change to the 4th switch in the stack):

irf switch-to 4

4. Your prompt will now change to:


From this point, all commands will be run on that switch member.