Linux : Move from FleetSSL to AutoSSL on cPanel

By | April 16, 2023

In the early ages of free automated SSL certificates, FleetSSL cPanel Plugin (earlier known as Let’s Encrypt for cPanel) was the standard.

cPanel then announced in 2016 that the official plugin was now AutoSSL, which is provided by cPanel.

The move from FleetSSL to AutoSSL is quite simple :

1. Uninstall FleetSSL Let’s Encrypt :

1.1. If you have version 0.6.1, you may end up with an error due to a known uninstall script bug. If this is your case, please use the following command instead :

2. Prepare your server for AutoSSL installation :

You should then see a message that the package has been downloaded only, just proceed with the next step.

3. In WHM, browse to “Manage Plugins” and click ;

Install “cPanel AutoSSL with Let’s Encrypt™ (API version 2)”

4. You should now browse to “SSL/TLS Status” and Run AutoSSL for all users.



This will not remove user data and will preserve the following :

Warning output : You may notice a bunch of “removal failed, not found” errors like this :

This is cosmetic and you should not worry about it. Remember that “paper_lantern” theme was removed by cPanel at version 108.