R1Soft : Unable to parse Idera Server Backup\conf\disksafe-keys

By | April 8, 2013

Getting this error while trying to run a backup policy on R1Soft server?

Error replicating device (F0CC90E5CC90A77E)

An exception occurred during the request. Unable to parse ‘C:\Program Files\Idera Server Backup\conf\disksafe-keys\5265aa4b-e25d-4d05-91d4-e6bca778f4b7.xml’; unable to open primary document entity ‘C:\Program Files\Idera Server Backup\conf\disksafe-keys\5265aa4b-e25d-4d05-91d4-e6bca778f4b7.xml’

Agent reported error during requested operation.

This is probably because your DiskSafe is encrypted and the agent does not have the encryption passphrase to access the device.

To resolve this matter, you need to :

– Go to DiskSafes
– Click on Edit DiskSafe icon
– Then click on Data Settings tab
– Under Encryption Management, simply click on “Send key to Agent”