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Storage : How to reset a HP P2000 MSA G3 SAN to factory default

Here is the command to reset a HP P2000 MSA G3 SAN to factory default. You need to have “manage” user privileges to execute it. restore defaults factory The output will look like this : # restore defaults factory FACTORY DEFAULTS: WARNING! ALL configuration for this array controller will be ERASED. This is intended for engineer… Read More »

FabricOS : How to remotely backup your Brocade FC switch configuration

Here is how to remotely copy your Brocade device running FabricOS to a remote TFTP server. To copy the currently running configuration : copy startup-config tftp <TFTP_Server_IP> startup-config.cfg To copy the configuration saved to the flash memory : copy run tftp <TFTP_Server_IP> switch-name.cfg To restore the remote config to your device : copy tftp start <TFTP_Server_IP>… Read More »

FabricOS : Reset to factory default and setup basic config on Brocade Fiber Channel switch fabric

This tutorial is about resetting your Brocade Fiber Chanel Fabric (FabricOS) to factory defaut. To perform these commands you’ll need elevated “root” or “admin” users privileges. 1. Reset config to factory default : configdefault -all 2. Set usernames and passwords to factory default : passwddefault 3. Set ethernet (management interface) IP addresses : ipaddrset 4. Set logical switch config… Read More »

HP : Configuring MSA P2000 G3 SAN through CLI

HP MSA P2000 G3 SANs provide two ways of startup configuration. The first approach is using the MSA Auto Discovery Tool and the second is using the USB Serial CLI port. This tutorial will cover the CLI method. 1. Connect using a mini USB your computer to the CLI port on controller A. Use any… Read More »