Linux : Creating a GPT (GUID) partition table for large drives

By | October 4, 2014

With larger drive these days that exceed 2 Tb, the traditional MSDOS partition table add a barrier of 2 Tb maximum for partitions.  Fortunately, the GUID Partition Table which is well known as GPT that push this limit to 18 EB (exabyte).

You are probably familiar with the “fdisk” legacy partitioning tool, however this does not support GPT. To achieve this task, you will need to use “parted”. This example will assume you are using “/dev/sdf” as target drive.

1. If you do not have Parted on your system, simply install :

2. Tell Parted which drive to use :

3. Create the GPT label :

4. Select which measurement unit to use (we will use terabyte here) :

5. Define the start and end points of the partition you wish to create (we will use the whole disk here) :

6. We are done now, you can print the results :

7. You can exit the utility and partition using your favorite filesystem at this point :

Here is a console output example of the steps we’ve done above :