FabricOS : Reset to factory default and setup basic config on Brocade Fiber Channel switch fabric

By | June 8, 2014

This tutorial is about resetting your Brocade Fiber Chanel Fabric (FabricOS) to factory defaut. To perform these commands you’ll need elevated “root” or “admin” users privileges.

1. Reset config to factory default :

2. Set usernames and passwords to factory default :

3. Set ethernet (management interface) IP addresses :

4. Set logical switch config parameters :

5. Removes a license key from this system (WARNING! You may want to skip that step if you do not have any backup of your license key, see notes) :

NOTES : This step is a part of the full factory default, however is useless since licence belong to the physical device and cannot be applied to any other Brocade products. This is not required unless you really know what you’re doing.

6. Activates a default zone configuration :

7. Clear all zone configurations and save zone configurations in flash :

8. Set this switch’s name :

9. Set the chassis’s name :

10. Configure SNMP :