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Windows : FileZilla is running in kiosk mode

Got this message attempting to create a new server connection into the FileZilla Site Manager? FileZilla is running in kiosk mode. ‘Normal’ and ‘Account’ logontypes are not available in this mode. To resolve this and make FileZilla save your profile, go to : – Edit > Settings – On the left pane (Select page) >… Read More »

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Windows : Enable TRIM on your SSD drive

Using a SSD drive on Windows 7? You better have TRIM enabled for better performance and make your drive last longer. Windows should enable it by default. To check if it’s enabled, run the following command :

If returned value is ” 0 “, this mean TRIM is enabled. If ” 1 “, this… Read More »

Office : Where is the Office 2010 file on Windows 7

The file is actually the default Office Word template file. Since Windows Vista and ultimately Windows 7, the location changed. This is actually the same location whatever Microsoft Office version you are using.

*Please note that the file is now named “Normal.dotm”

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Windows : How to configure network interface from command line

Basically, we’ll use the “netsh.exe” builtin utility here to achieve theses tasks. Show TCP/IP settings :

Set the interface as DHCP :

Set interface DNS server address :

Export the current configuration :

Import a configuration :

Windows : Boot stuck in recovery after disabling test mode

You may noticed a foot note near the clock that display something like this : Test Mode Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Build 7601 There is a workround to get rid of this message (UAC must be disabled to run this command) :

After rebooting your machine, Windows won’t boot and start in recovery… Read More »

CBSI : System date and time changed. Access denied!

Mostly used by broadcasting companies, “CBSI, Wicks Broadcast Software”, now known as Marketron Radio traffic and billing system. You may encounter the following error launching the software on a new network installed workstation : System date and time changed. Access denied! Two possibilities may cause this problem : 1. Wrong timezone or too much offset… Read More »

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Windows : How To clear Offline Files server list

You may get into trouble if you didn’t remove folder synchronization on network server before deleting a user account or unlink a computer from domain… File synchronization still effective even if the user is no longer on the computer or Active Directory. The only way to get rid of old entries, is to do it… Read More »

Windows : Setting LAN Authentication Level on 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 Home Premium doesn’t have the “Local Security Policy” console (aka : secpol.mmc). In order to access SMB share running the old protocol version, you need to enable the Authentication LAN Manager directly inside the registry. Open the registry editor (Start > Run) :

Browse to : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa Create a new DWORD value… Read More »