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Windows : MacAfee can’t be uninstalled because it is in managed mode

Trying to uninstall the MacAfee Enterprise Agent and get the following error message? Unable to uninstall MacAfee when it is in Managed Mode. To resolve this matter and go through with the uninstallation, you have to change it to unmanaged mode as followed : 1. Open the command prompt 2. Go through the program installation… Read More »

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Linux : How to install and configure lm_sensors on CentOS/RHEL

Monitoring your temperature hardware on Linux made easy with “lm_sensors“. On CentOS or RedHat Enterprise, you can easily install the software using Yum as followed :

Then, you need to configure the software to monitor your hardware. You will have to answer several YES/no questions to probe your system. Just do the following command… Read More »

Windows : Symantec Ghost Application error 437

Getting this error while attempting to restore a Symantec Ghost image from DVD (or any optical media) under WinPE? Ghost Error Application error 437 cannot read from file The main causes are the following : – Image integrity check failed due to corrupted image and/or drive read error – Source image was created using compression… Read More »

Windows : FileZilla is running in kiosk mode

Got this message attempting to create a new server connection into the FileZilla Site Manager? FileZilla is running in kiosk mode. ‘Normal’ and ‘Account’ logontypes are not available in this mode. To resolve this and make FileZilla save your profile, go to : – Edit > Settings – On the left pane (Select page) >… Read More »

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Windows : Enable TRIM on your SSD drive

Using a SSD drive on Windows 7? You better have TRIM enabled for better performance and make your drive last longer. Windows should enable it by default. To check if it’s enabled, run the following command :

If returned value is ” 0 “, this mean TRIM is enabled. If ” 1 “, this… Read More »