Windows : Blank “Save as” window with Adobe Acrobat

By | April 10, 2020

If you are experiencing a blank, empty window when using the “Save as” function with Adobe Acrobat, this is most likely an issue with the save online features that are enabled by default.

To work around this issue, simply deactivate the online storage options. While Acrobat is opened, browse to :

Edit > Preferences > General

Then locate the following two options :

Show online storage when opening files
Show online storage when saving files

Uncheck the boxes for both of theses options, click OK, close and open the application again. From now on you should be able to see the content of this window and save locally without any issue.

If your goal was to save online, this obviously won’t help you. The reason for the blank window while online storage options are enabled is that Acrobat cannot communicate with the Cloud services. Here is a few things you could look at :

  • Make sure you have working Internet connectivity, including DNS
  • Make sure there is no outbound filtering rules that would prevent any block
  • Make sure there is no static entry in your host file that could interfere with any of the Adobe FQDN