Windows : Failed to boot blue screen VOLMGRX INTERNAL ERROR

By | October 31, 2019

If your Windows 10 system suddenly stopped booting and show the following error message :


It most likely mean that your software RAID volume has failed. It may indicate a hardware underlying issue, such as a failed drive or the mirror just broke and is no longer in sync.

To find out, either use the Troubleshoot option from the startup menu or boot with the installation media in recovery mode to access the same menu and chose the following options :

Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt

Enter into the disk utility using the following command :

Then have a look at the volumes present on your system :

If your situation match the one we are covering into this article, you should see something similar to this output :

Pay special attention to the “Status” column, look for “Failed Rd” (Failed Raid).

If you see the following on your system, attempt to initiate a rebuild as followed :

DiskPart will now attempt to rebuild all mirrored partition located on that dynamic disk. Running the “list volume” command again, you should see the state (you yon’t see the rebuild percentage though).

Leave it synchronize until full completion, you may run the command “list volume” periodically for update. Once you’ll see all volumes as “Healthy” (see example below), reboot your computer.

NOTE : Il the software RAID volume(s) fail to rebuild, have a look at your hardware. Most likely a failing drive could be the root cause.