Storage : How to access the serial console on Dell PowerStore

By | January 25, 2022

Dell PowerStore does not feature a traditional console port. Instead, it has a “service port” which is IPMI based.

Therefore, to access the console, you need to use Serial-over-Ethernet with IPMI Tool.

1. Get ipmitool from Dell Web site ;

2. Change your network adapter IP configuration to the following :

ip netmask

3. Connect a network cable to the service port on the PowerStore controller (it has a yellow label with a wrench that identify that port) ;

4. Using the command prompt, change directory where ipmitool.exe is located ;

5. Enter the following command :

ipmitool -I lanplus -C 3 -U console -P <SERVICE_TAG> -H <IP_Address> sol activate

SERVICE_TAG = Enter the service tag of your device, usually 7 alphanumerical characters long
IP_ADDRESS = For controller A use / For controller B use

Example :

ipmitool -I lanplus -C 3 -U console -P 2T12345 -H sol activate

You should then get the console within your command prompt. The following output should be printed on the first line when the connection is established :

[SOL Session operational. Use ~? for help]

If you run into any issues, make sure that the ipmitool software you have officially come from Dell and that there is no other active network interface that could interfere with the one connected to the service port.