Linux : Add OpenNMS data source to Grapfana not found error

By | March 2, 2020

Heading toward OpenNMS and Grafana for your monitoring and visualization needs? Way to go! (or Oh Yeah! like Duffman would say).

First of all, I suppose since you’ve end up reading that post, that you have a successful installation of OpenNMS, Grafana and OpenNMS Help plugin.

Adding a data source in Grafana in your OpenNMS plugin returned the following error :

Not found

Fortunately, Grafana return the exact same code as a browser would return. If the supplied address in “HTTP > URL” does not match exactly the one working for you in your browser, then it is quite obvious it won’t work out for Grafana.

The most common rookie mistake committed, is not supplying the full OpenNMS path, such as :

Instead of :