JunOS : Configuring DHCP forwarder on QFX serie

By | February 15, 2020

Here is how to configure DHCP relay on the QFX platform.

1. Define a DHCP server group with DHCP servers IP address(es) :

Example : If you want to name the group as “PRD-dhcpSrv” and the IP of the server is :

Note : You can add as many DHCP server as you want if you have clustered DHCP, just repeat the same statement with their respective DHCP server addresses.

2. Create a relay group, which you will map to the server-group defined above :

Example : If your relay group name is “PRD” and your server group name is “PRD-dhcpSrv” :

3. Configure the relay group to the desired interface :

Note : Repeat the statement above to as many interface as you require.