Linux : How to enable the cPanel feature on R1Soft server

By | January 11, 2020

If you are running both cPanel and have your own R1Soft server, there is a nice integration in cPanel that allow users to restore files, database or their whole account from this external backup source/destination.

There are several steps involved for this, such as :

1. Enable control panel restore on the R1Soft server ;
2. Add the control panel instance for authentication on the R1Soft server ;
3. Download and install the R1soft plugin on your cPanel server.

Since the two last steps are fairly well documented by the vendor, but a lack of clear documentation on the first step, this is the one we will cover in this article. This should be fairly simple in theory, however I have encountered some customer struggling with that. The following steps should walk you through all steps and hidden corners.

R1Soft have several product feature / configuration preset that define the limitation on how the backup manager will operate and allow. Before doing those steps, the “Control Panels” tab in the server policy will be grayed out.

1. Configure your R1Soft server to work with “Multi-Tenant with Tiered Reselling” by browsing in the left pane menu :

Advanced Options > Product Features

2. Then select the following option :

Configuration Presets > Multi-Tenant with Tiered Reselling

3. And check the following boxes under “Hosting Control Panels” :

Enable Hosting Control Panels
Allow Control Panel Users to Restore Databases

Now the “Control Panels” tab in the server policy should be available. This is where sometimes people are encountering issues, despite enabling the “Multi-Tenant with Tiered Reselling”, that tab may still be grayed out.

If this is your case, it mean that either/or both the volume and/or disk safe aren’t allowing the control panels feature.

1. In order to verify or enable it, simply navigate through the left pane menu :

Settings > Volumes
Settings > Disk Safes

2. Then Edit the concerned volume and/or disk safe and browse to :

Limit tab > Check the box “Allow Control Panels”

Now that both the volume and disk safe have the “Allow Control Panels” enabled, if the “Control Panels” tab was grayed out in the server backup policy, it should now be available.