JunOS : Port forwarding on Juniper SRX

By | September 9, 2019

A friend of mine who was used to the legacy and EOL SSG/ScreenOS platform and he just jumped into the new world of SRX/JunOS gave me the motivation to write this article. As the syntax is quite different between the two platform, it may be harder to get at first and the following example should help you out!

This tutorial will show the various steps of he configuration. I have used as much as possible “intuitive names” for the various elements while this example is about port forwarding a non-standard RDP port to the server

1. Define the target machine object name in the “address book” (this is a name alias for the target IP) :

2. Define the custom application protocol and port (this step is optional, to be used if your application isn’t listed in the default list) :

3. Define the destination NAT pool for the target machine :

4. Define the destination NAT rule for the target machine :

5. Define the firewall policy for the target server :

6. The configuration is now complete, you may now commit the change :