JunOS : logger: transfer-file failed to transfer /var/transfer/config/juniper.conf.gz

By | January 14, 2019

Having the following log error entry using the archival function to backup your configuration on your Juniper device?

logger: transfer-file failed to transfer /var/transfer/config/re0.HostName_juniper.conf.gz_20181129_034459

I have experienced the following, where no further details provided, under the following conditions :

– The backup server (ftp, sftp) is reachable and working properly
– The credentials to the backup server are working
– The public key is accepted/entered in known_hosts (in case of scp/sftp)
– The archival parameters are set properly
– The local folder /var/transfer/config exist and writeable by root

I have found that the syntax between some JunOS version slightly differ when comes to supply the password.

JunOS 11.4R5.7 and earlier :

JunOS 11.4R6.7 and later :