Windows : Install Ubiquiti Unifi SDN Controller as a service

By | December 10, 2018

If you are operating Ubiquiti wireless gear compatible with the Unifi controller, and running it on a Windows machine, you may have noticed that you need to start the application manually every time you restart the computer.

Fortunately, there is a way of adding it “as a service”, just like any OS/system services. Follow the procedure below to achieve this.

Prerequisite : Ubiquiti Unifi SDN Controller for Windows need to be installed prior doing this procedure. The software can be found on the manufacturer Web site (

1. Open the Command Prompt with elevated priviledges (run as administrator)

2. Browse to the following path :

"C:\Users\Administrator\Ubiquiti UniFi\bin"

3. Execute the following command :

java -jar ../lib/ace.jar installsvc

It should now be installed as a service and will start/stop automatically with the OS.

NOTE : If you previously had it installed or having issue and would like to re-install, simply use the following command to uninstall it “java -jar lib/ace.jar uninstallsvc” and repeat the procedure above again.