Windows : Upgrade the Ubiquiti Unifi SDN Controller

By | September 22, 2018

This tutorial will show you the simple steps to upgrade your Ubiquiti Unifi SDN Controller running on Windows.

The software can be found on the manufacturer Web site ( We recommend using the LTS (Long Term Support) version unless you need the bleeding edge features. Upgrading to newer version might not allow downgrade in case of issue later as the database will be upgraded.

ALWAYS do and download a backup prior upgrading. The installer should take care of keeping your current settings and statistics, but just in case it does not or fail to do so, you can always install the oldest version and restore your backup.

A manual backup can be made through the WebUI (https://IP_Address:8443/) > Settings > Maintenance > Backup > Download Backup

1. Download the new software version (, again preferably the LTS version

2. Gracefully stop the Unifi Controller service or process

3. Run as administrator the new software executable

As the installer should detect your existing inferior version, it should technically ask you if you want to upgrade to the newer version, just say yes.