Linux : R1Soft failed backup of LVM configuration

By | September 24, 2017

Having the following error while executing a R1Soft backup on a Linux server?

Failed backup of LVM configuration
Failed to execute command ‘lvm.static pvs -o pv_fmt,pv_uuid,dev_size,pv_name,pv_mda_free,pv_mda_size,pv_all,seg_all,pvseg_all,vg_all,lv_all –nameprefixes –noheadings –units b –nosuffix –unquoted’

This seem to be related to the latest version. Apparently Idera are aware of the issue and working on a permanent fix.

In meantime, to workaround this issue, you can simply move the R1Soft static version of LVM and replace it with the system one as followed :

1. Move the original file as “.bak” :

2. Create a symbolic link of the system LVM version for R1Soft :

Your backup should work normally now.