Windows : The following error occurred attempting to join the domain “domain.tld”: The request is not supported.

By | January 1, 2017

Ending up with the following error trying to join a server or workstation to an existing Active Directory domain?

The following error occurred attempting to join the domain “domain.tld”:
The request is not supported.

Additionally, if you have a look at the EventViewer, you can see the following log entries under the following logging facility :

Windows Logs > System

The machine <ComputerNetBIOSname> attempted to join the domain <domain.tld> but failed. The error code was 50.
The machine<ComputerNetBIOSname> attempted to join the domain <domain.tld> but failed. The error code was 1332.

In my case, the machine was a secondary domain controller that did not deployed properly and hanged for ages on “dcpromo”. I had to force reboot the machine and of course it caused some troubles.

To resolve this matter, I did the following steps :

1. Disjoin the domain

2. Delete the computer account on the domain in “dsm.msc”

3. Open the registry editor and do the steps below.

WARNING! Do a full registry backup before doing anything. I also highly suggest that you do also backup the individual keys you are about to delete or modify.

3.1. Find the string values below and delete their content (which should match your domain name) :

3.2. Find the keys below and delete them entirely. Create new empty keys with the same name.

NOTE : In my case, these were the only one I had to remove. I used the “Find Next” function to search for my domain name in the registry, I would suggest you do the same in case you still have some left over.

4. Reboot the server.

4.1. OPTIONAL (In my case, remember I was having this issue deploying a SDC, if the same thing happened to you, then remove the Active Directory Domain role service and reboot again).

5. You may now join the computer back again on the domain.

NOTE : This procedure has been performed on Windows Server 2012 R2