Linux : CUPS printing error “Unable to send trailing nul to printer: Broken pipe”

By | April 22, 2016

Have you experienced the following random error while printing with CUPS?

Unable to send trailing nul to printer: Broken pipe

printer PRLAX05 disabled since Wed 11 Nov 2015 02:53:29 PM PST –
Unable to write print data: Broken pipe

There could be multiple reasons for this issue to happen. Have a look at the following :

1. Make sure there is no network issue between the client/server. You can also tcpdump the CUPS traffic using the following command for debugging :

2. Make sure the printer was in working order at the time it happened.

3. Verify “DeviceURI” parameter in printers.conf :

Locate the problematic printer configuration and locate the “DeviceURI” parameter (see the below sample) :

If the “DeviceURI” parameter is set to “socket”, try to change it to “lpd” instead. Socket method is obsolete and is known to cause random issues.

Example, change from :

To :

Optionally, verify the jobs queue :

Then restart the CUPS service :