Linux : Unable to build R1Soft module on Debian 8

By | September 5, 2015

I recently end up with the following error trying to build the R1Soft agent module using “r1soft-setup –get-module” command :

Checking if module needs updated
Checking for binary module
Waiting                       /
No binary module found
Gathering kernel information
Gathering kernel information complete.
Creating kernel headers package
Checking ‘/tmp/r1soft-cki.1440632760’ for kernel headers
Found headers in ‘/tmp/r1soft-cki.1440632760’
uploading kernel package                99% 6379KB   6.2MB/s   00:00 ETA
Starting module build…
Building                      /          kernel module installer failed. (0):
Internal error encountered. Please contact support

Building the module require the kernel sources, which I obviously had.

To fix this, I’ve simply downloaded the pre-compiled module from their repository and restarted the agent. See the following steps for more details :

1. Go to the module folder :

2. Download the precompiled module for Debian 8  from R1Soft repository :

3. Restart the agent :