ScreenOS : How to reset Juniper SSG to factory default

By | April 5, 2015

Here is the two procedures to reset your Juniper SSG ScreenOS device.

The first method (if you have the password for your device) and serial connection to your device, you can do a software reset as followed.

1. Get your device serial number using the following command (or by reading the label on your device) :

Output :

2. Then logout and use the serial number as login and password

login: 000000000000000

password: 000000000000000

!!! Lost Password Reset !!! You have initiated a command to reset the device to factory defaults, clearing all current configuration and settings. Would you like to continue?  y/[n] y

!! Reconfirm Lost Password Reset !! If you continue, the entire configuration of the device will be erased. In addition, a permanent counter will be incremented to signify that this device has been reset. This is your last chance to cancel this command. If you proceed, the device will return to factory default configuration, which is: System IP:; username: netscreen, password: netscreen. Would you like to continue?  y/[n] y

Alternate method :

If you do not have the password for your device, you may use the reset button located at the back of your SSG device and do the following procedure :

1. Using a thin, firm wire (such as a paper clip), push the pinhole for four to six seconds, and then release. A serial console message states that the Configuration Erasure Process has been initiated, and the system sends an SNMP/SYSLOG alert. The Status LED blinks amber / red once every second.

2. Wait for one-half to two seconds. After the first reset is accepted, the Power LED blinks green; the device is now waiting for the second reset push. The serial console message now reads, Waiting for 2nd confirmation.

3. Push the reset pinhole again for four to six seconds. The Status LED lights amber / red for one-half second, and then returns to the blinking green state.