Linux : R1Soft snapshot failed with error ‘FILE IO ERROR’!

By | August 3, 2014

Having this error on your R1Soft policy for a one or several servers?

Error replicating device <PARTITION_MOUNTPOINT> (<PARTITION_UUID>)
Protocol error, expected request finished
Encountered <0000> read failures!
Snapshot failed with error ‘FILE IO ERROR’!
An exception occurred during the request. Backup failed due to snapshot error! The next replication will force a full block scan.

This is likely due to a filesystem 100% full on one of your partition/mountpoint!

Login on the server and issue the following command :

The output should give you something like this :

In this particular case, we can see the “/var/log” partition is full. Check the output and make some space on the partition that show a 100% usage.

Then run the backup policy again and your backup should complete successfully.