R1Soft : Could not authenticate agent

By | December 11, 2013

Having this error while trying to test connection between your machine and R1Soft server?

ERROR: Could not authenticate agent
ERROR: Agent authentication failed.
ERROR: AGENT: host ( port (00000) failed authentication
ERROR: AGENT: RSA decrypt failed

This mean your server have a different authentication key than expected.

You need to remove the current key and push the new public key from your R1Soft server to your remote machine.

There is two possible ways to achieve this task. Directly from the R1Soft server :

1. Remove the current key for the remote machine :

(replace <remote_IP_address> by the IP of your remote server)

2. Push the new public key to your remote machine :

Or directly through the WebUI :

Servers > Your_Server_Policy > Click the Edit button

Then click on “Reset Public Key”