Plesk : No suitable solutions were found for the “IIS” dependency

By | March 19, 2013

You might ran into this error running AutoInstaller for Plesk 11 for Windows :

Unable to install the “plesk-11.0.9.noarch” package. The following could cause the installation failure: 1) plesk-11.0.9.noarch: No suitable solutions were found for the “IIS” dependency. 2) The dependency for “IIS” required by the “plesk-11.0.9.noarch” package could not be resolved.

This mean you haven’t the IIS role installed on your server. To install the dependencies, follow those steps :

– Open the Server Manager (Start > Administrative Tools > Server Manager) ;
– Click on Roles and then Add Roles ;
– Check the boxes for “Application Server” and “Web Server (IIS)” .

Then run Windows Updates, reboot your server and start over the Plesk AutoInstaller again.