Linux : How to install cPanel

By | February 7, 2013

Here is the easy way to install cPanel on your RHEL/CentOS Linux server. Please note that cPanel require a fresh OS install.

The installation might take around 30 minutes depending on your hardware. If you are performing the installation remotely, I strongly suggest that you run the installer under a “screen” session to avoid any installation abortion.

Make sure your system is up to date, run “yum update”!

cPanel & WHM installation :

cPanel DNSONLY :

Then you can browse the your server under port “2087” through SSL and authenticate with your root credentials.

Product Licensing :

To get a license follow this link :

To verify if your server IP is properly licensed :

NOTE : If cPanel was installed before the IP has been licensed, you may need to update the cPanel license using the following command :