Linux : Can’t create volume in OpenFiler

By | August 12, 2012

I rescently experienced this issue with OpenFiler which I never had before. Trying to create a volume into a block device simply don’t work – nothing happen when you click to do so.

The only difference between this installation and the previous one is the OpenFiler system is installed on another drive/block device than the one I tried to create the volume.

Basically, OpenFiler will not be able to create a volume on the same block device which is installed on through the Web interface.

This does not mean it’s impossible! Creating manually work like a charm! Here is the few steps you need to follow :

1. Using the “fdisk” utility, create a partition table :

And then, type ” n ” to create a new partition. You can hit “enter” on default suggested values if you want to use all remaining space.

2. Create a volume group :

(replace values according your needs – assuming you want to name it “iscsi_vg” and the partition you would like to use is /dev/sda7) :