OpenX : Statistics no longer working after upgrade from v2.8.5 to v2.8.7

By | October 24, 2011

After upgrading OpenX AdServer from version 2.8.5 to 2.8.7, you may experience a problem with statistics – OpenX engine is no longer recording stats from campaign delivery.

This is a good idea to have a look at the log file, located at <openx>/var/debug.log. You probably will see this warning :

OX-maintenance-4ea48eac6cd00 [info]  Running Maintenance Engine
OX-maintenance-4ea48eac6cd00 [info]  Running Maintenance Statistics Engine
OX-maintenance-4ea48eac6cd00 [error]  Failed to find package definition file /path/to/openx/www/delivery/../../plugins/etc/openXVideoAds.xml

Since there is a problem with plugins on the upgrade feature in the latest version (2.8.7 at this time), there is probably the full “/plugins/etcdirectory missing. For a successful upgrade from older version, you were required to copy the plugin directory to the new OpenX installation before upgrading.

Well, you cannot simply rollback and do the upgrade again if you do not have a backup of your database matching you’re old version… the database scheme has been modified to the latest version.

So, you’re alternative is to install a brand new OpenX 2.8.7 and copy the “/plugins/etc” directory of the fresh install to you’re defunct install.

Make sure you set the permission correctly on the ressently copied files and directory plugins. This should be writable by the Web server. If not, stats simply wont work (in this case you may see this in the debug.log) :

OX-4ea5d62cddde4 [info]  Unwritable file /path/to/openx/plugins/etc/openXDeliveryLog.xml
OX-4ea5d62cddde4 [info]  Unwritable folder /path/to/openx/plugins/etc

Simply change the ownership and permissions like this :