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Mac : Add a static route in OSX

To add a static route in Mac OSX, do the following as root in the terminal :

Example :

To print the routine table, use the following command :

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Mac : Flush local dns cache on OSX

MacOSX run a local named caching server.  In some reason you may need to refresh it manually to get a resent updated DNS record. Under Mac OSX 10.8 and above, use the following command using the terminal :

Under Mac OSX 10.5 and 10.6, use :

Under Mac OSX 10.4 and below, use… Read More »

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Mac : How to disable named on OSX Server

To permanently disable local dns server on a MacOSX Server simply run the following command as root :

You will be prompted to enter the administrative password next and you’re done!

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Mac : Change the hostname

Changing the hostname can be done through the GUI or console. Go to System Preferences > Sharing. On top of the window, click on Edit to change the computer name. The command line for the console is the following :

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Mac : Where Outlook temporary files are saved ?

Outlook Mac store temporary files such as e-mail signatures, opened attachment and other e-mail content in the following location :

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Mac : Make ISO image from command line

This procedure is about creating a ISO image file from CD/DVD using the command line on a Mac OS X. First, you can retrieve information about the media with the following command :

Then, the disk must me unmounted to proceed :

  Ok, let’s make the ISO file now :

Once… Read More »

VMware : Mac OSX guest crash or failed to start

Considering that you have a supported CPU with VT enabled, you may have a look at the guest configuration file (.vmx) and make sure theses value are correct :