Linux : How to change the OpenVPN lockout time policy

By default, OpenVPN has 15 minutes timeout lockout policy for consecutive unsuccessful authentication attempt (whatever you are using Local, PAM or LDAP authentication). If you want to change it to shorter or longer time period, follow these easy steps below : 1. Push the new timeout value to the configuration using this command (this example… Read More »

VMware : How to install VIB on ESXi host

Almost 10 years ago, VMware released “VMware Installation Bundle”, or commonly known as VIB, to make it easier for 3rd party and administrators to install software components to their flagship virtualization platform, vSphere ESXi. The process is quite straight forward and you usually can’t go wrong if you are installing the right VIB for the… Read More »

Windows : Google Chrome black screen

If you ever experienced the “Google Chrome Black Screen of Death”, where the whole window is just black, and persisting even after rebooting your computer (works well for a short period of time and then go black again), here is the possible cause and solution below. In most of the cases, this is due to… Read More »

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Linux : cPanel failed to make connection to backend: httpd-UDS

Experiencing the following error loading a Web site hosted on your cPanel server? 503 Service Unavailable And observing the following errors in the Apache logs :

In my case, this occurred after the Web site account was just migrated to a new server. This is related to PHP-FPM, that isn’t responding to serve the… Read More »

JunOS : fpc0 qsfp-0/0/0 failed to init hw

Encountering the following log event on your Juniper MX router? fpc0 qsfp-0/0/0 failed to init hw This could be caused by various factors, such as : Defective FPC Defective PIC Defective transceiver Incompatible transceiver* *I have observed this error on customer equipment when DAC cables were used. The Juniper MX series does not officially support… Read More »

VMware : Configure SNMP daemon

You most likely have noticed that beside a service listed in the WebUI, there is nowhere to configure any options, and that attempting to start the service, it just won’t start. The service has to be configured with the community string in order to be started. The only way of configuring the service, is using… Read More »

Windows : Blank “Save as” window with Adobe Acrobat

If you are experiencing a blank, empty window when using the “Save as” function with Adobe Acrobat, this is most likely an issue with the save online features that are enabled by default. To work around this issue, simply deactivate the online storage options. While Acrobat is opened, browse to : Edit > Preferences >… Read More »

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