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WordPress : Really Simple CAPTCHA show no image after plugin update

If you are using WordPress engine and the Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin for your forms, you may encounter a blank image containing the word “captcha” instead of the automatically generated image after updating the plugin. Here is the procedure to resolve this issue : 1. Login as administrator 2. On the left side menu, click… Read More »

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Linux : How to add JSON support to CentOS 5 PHP 5.1.6

JSON support come natively with PHP 5.2 and later. If you are running CentOS Linux 5, this is PHP version 5.1.6 that is included by default. Fortunately, since version 5.6, CentOS packaged version 5.3.3 of PHP that can be installed through YUM (not included in the ISO set). If you still run applications that can’t… Read More »

RoundCube : Service currently unavailable message after transfer

Get this error trying to access RoundCube Webmail after transferring to another server : SERVICE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE! Error No. [500] This indicate in most case something went wrong with the MySQL database transfer. Either you forgot to transfer the database on the new server or something definitely went wrong importing it. Start over the… Read More »

Web : zend_mm_heap corrupted

You may notice this error in the Apache logs : zend_mm_heap corrupted Try to enable or increase this parameter either in your Apache config, htaccess or php.ini file :

Web : Prevent image hot linking to your site

This article is about stopping theses sites who hot link your images, steal them and your bandwidth! I assume you are running Apache as Web server and have some basic knowledge of httpd.conf, htaccess and rewrite rules. You have two choice, either put the rules directly inside your httpd.conf vhost or inside an Apache configuration… Read More »

Linux : How to generate SSL certificate key pair

Here are the few steps to generate the private key, certificate signed request, self-signed certificate and how to get rid of the passphrase request when starting you’re application . Okay, let’s start. Go to the directory you want to store you’re certificate stuff. This example will assume you’re common name (aka : host name) will… Read More »

OpenX : Statistics no longer working after upgrade from v2.8.5 to v2.8.7

After upgrading OpenX AdServer from version 2.8.5 to 2.8.7, you may experience a problem with statistics – OpenX engine is no longer recording stats from campaign delivery. This is a good idea to have a look at the log file, located at <openx>/var/debug.log. You probably will see this warning : OX-maintenance-4ea48eac6cd00 [info]  Running Maintenance Engine… Read More »

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PHP : Set upload file size

To increase (or decrease) the size of allowed uploaded file size with PHP, using php.ini or .htaccess file, just add or edit the following values :

Just add the amount instead the <VALUE> tag.  Let’s assume you want to allow 300 megabyte file size to be uploaded to the server…

If you modify… Read More »