Linux : perl: warning: Setting locale failed

You probably noticed the following output on your console after logging to your newly installed CloudLinux server : perl: warning: Setting locale failed. perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings: LANGUAGE = (unset), LC_ALL = (unset), LC_CTYPE = “UTF-8”, LANG = “en_US.UTF-8” are supported and installed on your system. perl: warning: Falling back to… Read More »

Linux : CloudLinux installation error “You have third-party kernel module rpm installed”

Ending up with the following error trying to install CloudLinux? You have third-party kernel module rpm installed. It’s not compatible with CloudLinux kernel. Please contact CloudLinux support at In my case, this was because of the “kmod-vmware-tools-vmxnet3” module, since it was on a VMware guest machine. Since removing it isn’t an option and I… Read More »

Windows : The following error occurred attempting to join the domain “domain.tld”: The request is not supported.

Ending up with the following error trying to join a server or workstation to an existing Active Directory domain? The following error occurred attempting to join the domain “domain.tld”: The request is not supported. Additionally, if you have a look at the EventViewer, you can see the following log entries under the following logging facility… Read More »

JunOS : Warning aggregated-ether-options link-speed no kernel value

You probably have seen the following on your Juniper JunOS device : dcd[15676]: ae60 : Warning: aggregated-ether-options link-speed no kernel value! default to 0 dcd[1103]: ae60 : aggregated-ether-options link-speed set to kernel value of 1000000000 This mean that your aggregated interface (ae) does not have any link-speed statement. By the book, this statement should be… Read More »

Mac : How to uninstall LogMeIn

LogMeIn remote control software cannot be removed without traces by just removing the .app icon/folder from the Application directory like you used to do with the majority of software (it will leave the finder tray icon, will attempt to start on boot, etc.). There is an easy way using the uninstaller script to achieve this… Read More »

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Linux : fuser command not found on CentOS/RHEL 7

You may have encountered the following issue trying to run “fuser” command on CentOS/RHEL 7 : fuser: command not found Many system administrators turn to do minimalist installation with version 7, unfortunately this even cut some critical basic components such as “traceroute, ifconfig, fuser, etc.” which in my opinion should be a part of a… Read More »