ITechLounge.net is a database of common and uncommon problems encountered in the daily life of a system/network administrator.


Who am I?

I am working in the field for 17 years. Over that period, I have worked for various companies (media, ISPs and datacenters) as full time employee or consultant, occupying positions from IT technician, network administrator, system administrator, sales engineer, architect and director.



I am writing this site first of all to better remember solutions to some problems that I have worked on. I could certainly keep these valuable information offline, but I thought sharing with other fellow workers would be nice as I have in the early stage of my carrer used advices from more knowledgable people than I was and this really helped me out. This is my way of giving back.


Terms Of Use (TOS)

Share with others, using social medias, tech blogs, etc.

Give credit back to it’s owner, please do not duplicate content, link back instead.

The two statements above are my only reward, thanks for playing fair 🙂


I found an error, what should I do?

Well, no one is perfect, I apologize in advance for this! Please contact me I will be glad to fix it so we can collectively propagate the accurate information.